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Introducing 'ardercase

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The 'ardercase is a development of the popular 'ardcase which has been in production for ten years.

The 'ardercase uses a unique double locking system which provides comprehensive anti-theft protection. This product is designed to offer ease of use just like the original 'ardcase, with the option of a second level of security provided by an encased sliding shackle lock.

If you are leaving your vehicle in the supermarket car park for 30 minutes then use the single internal deadlock as per the original 'ardcase. Fitment will take around 10 seconds.

If you feel you are leaving your vehicle in a more vulnerable position then utilise the second sliding shackle lock for enhanced protection. Fitment time will be around 20 seconds.

The product is supplied with spare keys, a key fob, a key separator (to allow easy operation of the sliding shackle lock without the whole bunch of keys hindering the operation), and warning stickers.

The 'ardercase really is the premium security solution for your Land Rover Defender.

Currently available for Tdci (puma), Td5, 300Tdi and 200Tdi Defenders.