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Wildo Stove

The durable tent stove from the Swedish army has a collapsible 5-piece stove pipe, combustion chamber, ventilation and temperature control.

Thanks to the length of the combustion chamber, longer pieces of wood also can be burned without having to cut them.

This stove is great for the more established base camp. The wide bore of the chimney enables a good ‘draw’ for the flames, allowing a great amount of heat is given off quickly.
Using the sliding vents on the cast door gives an extra amount of burn control to compensate for differing weather conditions.
All the chimney pieces pack inside the stove for storage during transportation, the legs though are fixed in position. All forms of solid fuel work well in this stove, although we would recommend dry logs for fast reliable cooking temperatures.
Charcoal is great for retaining heat for prolonged periods of time, ideal if you’re wanting to keep warm
  • Wildo Stove

Wildo Stove

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